Is the Beginner Driver Education Course MTO Certified?

It is! Our Digital BDE program is MTO certified through a partnered company! This means the course meets the standards of all licensed driving schools!

 Why an Online Course?

Good question! Our online BDE course is a great option for our students.  Self-paced which is available 24/7 and completely flexible around student’s lives.

Our in-vehicle instruction is very flexible. We pick up and drop off within the cities we provide services in, instructor’s schedules function with the student’s schedules which they work to complete the course.

To add, our theory aspect meets the level of flexibility! The online course contributes the same high level content as the “In person classroom course does which also provides the same testing and comprehension exercises to ensure every student is taught the material required by the Ministry.

Will I get a Discount on my Insurance?

Perhaps! You may be eligible depending on the insurance firm you decide to go with, please contact your insurance company for more information.

A Driver’s License History (from Service Ontario) will show confirmation of the successful completion of this approved BDE course, and graduates with a (DLH) are eligible for an insurance discount.


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